Artful garden designs with Gemstone Monoliths

 Artful garden designs with Gemstone Monoliths


Gemstone Monoliths or standing stones are a beautiful option when looking to create focal points for gardens or in your home. Created by catastrophic forces, hundreds of million years ago; they bring raw energy into your spaces and serve as a reminder of our genesis!

They can be used in a garden setting, as part of a water feature, in entrance way with lighting, letterboxes, water features, and patio pieces.  Many people have also used them indoors as interior design art pieces very successfully.

We have an amazing variety of stone varieties to choose from, and choosing the right stone for your garden or home is mostly about personal taste, but here are some things to consider:


Along with the style that you are trying to achieve in your garden, it is also a good idea to consider the colours already present. Providing a contrast to the buildings around to make the feature stone stand out. If you are set on matching the stone with the house colour then adding a contrasting base with the stone will also have wonderful effects.


Creating a unique look in your garden is important. Monoliths create vertical focal points and can be used to enhance or focus on certain areas you feel you would like to create visual focal points in your home or garden.

Height & Size

Depending on the visual effect you are looking to create, we are able to produce stone art to the size you require.

You need to bear in mind that the larger the piece is, the more specialised moving equipment is required, as is access with vehicle and equipment to the area where the installation is to be done. Generally as the monoliths get taller, they get bulkier. This means that the difference between a 100 cm monolith and a 150 cm one can mean a 200% rise in weight.

Besides the logistics relative size to your garden is also important. Too small and the feature wont stand out, but too large and it can be overpowering. Cardboard cutouts of the rough size of your ideal stone are a good idea so you can get a feel for how large you would like the feature to be.

Our Spirit Stone Art offers the home landscaper, interior designer and professional landscape architect the opportunity to create dynamic, beautiful spaces with stones that are unique, exsquisite in colour and texture, whose energy infuses those spaces with their colour and light.