an artwork 2 billion years in the making.


Each Spirit Stone is unique, a work of creative forces; fire, air, pressure, water, metal, clay, quartz and countless chemical components all combined in the crucible of our planet and refined, cooled over millions of years, unseen until now! Our skilled craftsmen then smoothes and polishes the rocks over a period of months, and in some cases years. These natural masterpieces are available in a variety of mineral types and sizes, each stone infusing your life with colour and energy. You will instinctively touch the pieces that”speak” to you.

african matterhorn


One of the most Unique and Massive Natural Sculptures, this 14 ton polished Red Jasper Colossus is the ideal and defining centrepiece for any large developments such as town and shopping centres, casinos and public buildings.


what you need to know about your spirit stones


Begin your journey to meet your own special, unique spirit stone, yours forever and beyond! Until you have been in the presence of one of these Spirit Stones, it is hard to understand that effect that it has on you. On touching the stones their true magic and mystery is revealed. At Urban Rocks we believe that each person has their very own Spirit Stone waiting just for them.

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